Product Development

Sound Space Design has been instrumental in the design and manufacture of two exiting new acoustical products for the music, recording and educational markets.


Sound Space Design has provided acoustical design expertise on the development of an innovative new product, the SoundSail™.  SoundSails are specially designed fabric sails that can be formed into many shapes, sizes and arrangements and are used to improve the acoustic locally in a space where size, shape or reverberant conditions are challenging the use of the space acoustically. .

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BeatBox– The Music Practice Solution

Developed in collaboration with Anne Minors Performance Consultants  AMPC

BeatBox is a containerised, sound isolated pod.  It is the perfect music practice or recording space.

Sound Space Design provide the acoustical know how to ensure that the environment inside the space is suited for the intended use, and that whatever is going on inside, no one outside will be disturbed!

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… and the AMPC website:

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